X10 Mover Power

The powerful mover battery.

X10 is a battery that is specially developed with the sole purpose of driving the mover effortlessly on a 1500kg caravan for more than 30min, whether there are slopes or uneven terrain. This small powerful battery weighs only 2.1 kg. It fits all types of mover. The battery comes with included charger. Battery status and health can be read via a convenient Bluetooth app.

The battery can supply a current up to 150A. It is stronger than most large heavy batteries on the market. The battery has even more benefits as you can read more our website.

DKK 2999,- incl. VAT

X20/X30 Mover+ Power

The powerful mover battery with extra power for consumption.

X20 and X30 are the right battery for the camping enthusiast that often changes campsite and uses the mover very intensively. These batteries have the capacity to maneuver around with the mover for up to 90 min. It is also suitable for use as a consumer battery for general consumption. It is ideal for overnight stays on the road. The charger is built into both the X20 and X30, and can be set up with all types of charging systems.

Battery status and health can be read via a convenient Bluetooth app.

X20 DKK 5195,- incl. VAT

X30 DKK 6875,- incl. VAT


X75/X125 Offgrid Power

The great solution for motorhomes and offgrid campers.

The X75 and X125 are suitable for built-in batteries for motorhomes, offgrid campers and water sports. With the well-known and media-winning lightweight LiFePo4 battery series, this technology has many advantages over offgrid camping. Please note that the charger for this battery is not included. Therefore remember to ask for this as well when buying this battery.

In this category we also offer 24V batteries for both the camping and marine sector. If you are interested in other types than X10, X20 and X30, do not hesitate to contact us or your dealer.

X75 DKK 8775,- incl. VAT

X125 Kr. 14599,- incl. VAT


XC3 Charger

Charges and rectifies your battery.

The XC3 Charger is specially designed to charge your Li-ion or lead-acid battery while driving your car and caravan, trailer or boat trailer. That way you can get anywhere with a fully charged battery and it’s always ready to use. The XC3 Charger charges the battery efficiently, and due to its compact design, it is easy to mount in many places. It weighs only 120 grams and the load on your caravan is therefore negligible. It is completely sealed and the housing is categorized with an IP65, which means that it can also be mounted on a trailer or in a marine environment.

DKK 1299,- incl. VAT