Elfoot is designed to be a universal product. Its unique design makes it possible to adapt it to all caravans, as long as the spindle is a 19mm standard hexagon.

If you have a different spindle on your caravan, or caravans with full-coverage skirts, you are always welcome to contact us.

Elfoot adjusts the stabilizing legs, and makes sure that your caravan is firm and stable. Due to the adapters sitting on the stabilizing legs and not sitting on the actual axle, we do NOT recommend using Elfoot to level your caravan as it can damage the bottom of the caravan. You must therefore put the caravan in level yourself – the rest Elfoot takes care of.

Elfoot has a built-in smart emergency adapter. This means that if you run out of power, you can always get on the road again, by removing the so-called black ‘Emergency Adapter’ which sits on all four main adapters, which are mounted on all the stabilizing legs.

To see how to remove the Emergency Adapter, please see the manual page 7.
The manual can be downloaded from Elfoot’s website.

At the top of the website in the right corner, push the ‘BUY’ botton and you will find our dealer page. All dealers who currently sell the Elfoot are listed here. We always strive to expand with good reliable dealers. Therefore, if you do not have a dealer near you, you are always welcome to contact us.

No, Elfoot is mounted on your existing stabilizing legs on your caravan. You therefore do not have to go out and invest in new stabilizing legs.
However, it must be said that Elfoot will always ride best on stabilizing legs that are maintained and lubricated.


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